Greg and Kirsten are the founding and lead pastors of The Well Church. Greg is originally from the southeast Michigan area, and Kirsten hails from eastern Montana. Greg and Kirsten met during their college years and were married in 1999 in Absarokee, Montana. They currently have seven children. Since 1999, they have been ministering and serving in local church ministry in Royal Oak, MI.

In early 2017, Greg and Kirsten took a big step of faith and moved their family from Royal Oak, MI, to Helena, Montana to start a life-giving church. They are so excited to see peoples’ lives filled and refreshed with the hope and life of Jesus. The desire of their hearts is to see the life-giving message of the Gospel make an impact on the entire area of Helena and beyond!


Greg and Kirsten Bibeau
lead pastor

Pastor Becky loves running, swimming, biking, the outdoors. She says anything crafty is great too!  She states that she has discovered that she loves to do the impossible; what is beyond herself to do. That challenge, as well as obedience, the heart of Greg & Kirsten Bibeau, the heart behind planting a church, and a growing love for Helena are what have inspired her to be a part of The Well Church. When God first told her he was calling her into children's ministry she told Him He was crazy and that she couldn't do it; but she then told him she would do it if he would do it through her. She says that being involved in children's ministry and as a children's pastor over many years has been amazing.

"There is no greater joy I have found then leading children to Jesus and helping families and volunteers to do the same. My vision the children's ministry at The Well is that it would be a place to belong, even for children and that those who are far from God and even those who are not would come closer to Him."

          - Pastor Becky Swenson



Children's Ministry



Dustin moved to Helena in 2010 to study business at Carroll College and to play football - and although he thought he came to Carroll mainly to play football, God had other plans. After going to an athlete bible study and growing in friendship with other men who loved Jesus, Dustin gave his life to Jesus and has been growing since. For three years Dustin led small groups as a student at Carroll, went on several missions trips and continued mentoring younger students while finishing his studies and football career.

After graduation he married his sweetheart Shelby and together they gave two years back to Chi Alpha (the college ministry at Carroll College) as full time missionaries continuing to disciple college students. While serving with Chi Alpha they were joined by their kiddos Nora and Zion. Both Shelby and Dustin continue to have a passion for discipleship, mentoring, and deeply want to see Jesus do powerful things at The Well Church.