Our vision is for each of us to KNOW GOD, FIND FREEDOM, DISCOVER PURPOSE, and MAKE A DIFFERENCE. • Know God: God is ENDLESS, so we can always know Him more! • Find Freedom: We all have areas in life where we are still tripped up or bound up…we want more FREEDOM. • Discover Purpose: God reveals new DISCOVERIES and PURPOSES to us throughout the seasons of our lives. • Make a Difference: We want to MAKE a LASTING difference with the lives we have been given.

Our mission is to help people far from God find their way home, and to encourage followers of Christ to get closer to Him.



We are learning to see and treat people not as they are, but as they were meant to be! Real love shows honor, a deep respect and value for the person God made.


With God all things are possible! We inspire and infuse people with energy that sparks dreams in them to live a BIG life with God. We want to motivate people from a stance of “what could be”, not from a place of “what isn’t”.


We raise up and release people. We recognize gifts and strengths in others and encourage them to be utilized in order to change the world.

Uncommon Hospitality

We practice uncommon hospitality, “the over-the-top friendly and generous reception of guests or strangers.” We display unusual kindness toward others, putting their needs before our own, especially in preparing for them before we even meet.


We give joyfully above and beyond expectation. We love giving our abundant best, not our left-overs. We really believe that it is more of an enormous blessing to give than to receive.


the highest quality with the deepest passion. We understand that excellence builds trust and creates comfort. We know that excellence honors God and makes whatever we do worth doing…and more fun! 


We are real and true. We don’t pretend to be something we are not. Be you. We are okay with you. The honest, transparent, not-fake, not-posing, but genuine you. You are the best version of you!